WIP Studio 38

In our quest of « full size sound » we are achieving a new model of large speakers : the Studio 38.

Klinger Favre Studio 38

 We have been using MTM layout for a long time allready. And as we know how to handle it quite well, we've used it in our New Studio 38, to accomplish a sophisticated sound system with a pure design, adopting the style of the smaller Studio Models (as Studio 20 and Studio 30) made of a central horn surrounded by 2 boomers. 

Klinger Favre Kartesian Studio 38

The Studio 38 are made by Klinger Favre, in the East of France. Studio 38 are equiped with innovative 38cm woofers fully conceived and build by Klinger Favre and Kartesian Audio.

Klinger Favre Studio 38

Massive resin cast horn is designed with a proprietary development equation.

Our Studio 38 is still in progress but our visitors can allready listen to a very since prototype in Saint-Dié. 

This Klinger Favre flagship will be released over the year 2020.