Loudspeaker D36

D36 Klinger Favre
D36 speaker can be used
in many ways:
As hi-fi system is medium sized living room or cabin return in cinema/theater control rooms.

Using the Klinger Favre tweeter combined with a specially designed boomer made on specifications by Davis Acoustics, this small speaker offers incredibly detailed and highly wide range regarding it's dimensions.

Among D36 users::
Klavierhaus/One soul(en régie son)
La Comédie Francaise (surround system)
Théâtre de Chaillot (sound cabin)
Top Master, mastering studio
Actis mastering studio
and many domestic users


W20 x H 35 xD 25 cm

Admissible power 40W
Sensitivity 90dB/2,8v/1m
Impedance 4 Ohms
13cm paper membrane boomer made by Davis Acoustic on a KF design
28mm moving coil tweeter
Bass Reflex system, vent on the back of the enclosure
Stark and heavy enclosure
Protection grid
Laminated natural wood finish or satin color painting finish