Ultra Tweeters

This is the most incredible inovation by Klinger Favre.
Did you know that you are able to perceive frequencies far beyond 20kHz, which is widely agreed as being the limit of human hearing ?
These ultrasounds are all around us all day long and have an important part in the timber of music instruments.  Therefore, we are right to play them !
By ingenious intermodulations and using your ocular and bones perceptions our UT has an impressive impact on the realism of your music . It increases trebles definition of course, but the medium and low frequencies surprisingly get a refined articulation.

Ultra Tweeters are available in UT1 Plate or UT2 Box.
They can also mounted coaxially in the boomers of the Studio 17 (Sudio 17 UT option)

UT2 boxes are designed to be used in addition to our Studio 17, Studio 20 or with any High-end speakers of a 90 to  94 dB /2,8v/1m sensitivity .
Just install them one box on top of each speaker, and plug them in parallel with your speaker.
Each box is mounted with 2 UT. Use one box per speaker.

ultra tweeter Klinger Favre 100kHz

Fréquency range 20kHz - 100kHz
Passive filter 24 dB/octave
Speakon Output, delivered with a speakon/banana cable
Size: L 10 x D 20 x H 8 cm
Finish: Satin plain color, Mahogany or Beechwood

If you are lucky enough to own a pair of D56 Klinger Favre speakers, you'll be glad to know that you can turn them into a pair of D56UT, just by replacing your usual Floating Board by this UT plate, that includes one Ultra Tweeter. Plug it in parallel with your speaker, the upgrade is done !

ultra tweeter Klinger Favre 100kHz

Upgrade Board for D56 Klinger Favre
Fréquency range 20kHz - 100kHz
Passive filter 24 dB/octave
Integrated banana cable
L 26 x D 32 x H 6 cm
Finish: Satin black