Loudspeaker STUDIO 20

Studio20 Klinger Favre Mahogany craftsmanship madeinfrance
Studio 20 is a monitoring studio speaker
that perfectly fits also to a domestic or a home theater installation

Inspired by studio 30's technology, this speaker was born to satisfy customers
looking for a system that can be accommodated in an average sized room.
The design of Studio 20 is based on 3 separate enclosures, that contribute to improve the vibration behavior of each speaker.
Davis boomers with Kevlar Velvet membrane produces articulated, powerful and deep bass,
while massive resin horn brings the mids and high frequencies range creates an amazing realism.

Technical data STUDIO 20:

W 36 x D 50 x H 144cm (with stand)
(roughly W 14" 1/4 x D 19" 1/2 x H 56" 1/2 with stands)
Total weight of the 4 elements: 120Kg (265 lbs)

Admissible power 200 Watts
Sensitivity 94 dB/2,8v/1m
Impedance 4 Ohms

Appolito 2 ways speaker
2 kevlar velvet membrane boomers 20cm, 37 mm coil
vented below spider,
1 inch driving and solid cast resin horm (specific KF design)
Bass Reflex system, vent on the back of the enclosure
Stark and heavy 30mm thick enclosure

Steady steel base, standard height 50cm et 75cm (other height on demand)
Laminated natural wood finish or satin color painting finish