Frequently asked questions:

Do you have international dealers?
For Europe, we only proceed to direct selling. Please, feel free to send us an email at klinger.favre@wanadoo.fr!
For USA, we have an international representative in New York klingerfavreus@gmail.com
For Asia, we soon will be distributed by Grand Art Acoustique, in 2019.

Do you have a showroom in Paris?
Our workhops and showroom are situated in the North East of France.
But every year in April, we are invited to demonstrate our products in Paris, in a free event: the Audio days.
It is an excellent event, more info: http://www.audiodays.eu

Do you build custom-made systems?
We have developped a very complete range of speakers, from small bookshelve speakers to giant studio speakers. Most music lovers find the speakers of their dreams in our D or Studio Line.
However, we sometimes design very special speakers when we meet special needs.
For instance:
-Special model for Villa Mastering Studio including a vintage horn and deep subbass demand
-Active Studio 15 for Art Biennale in Venizia
-Hyper directive wedges speakers for the Théâtre des Champs Elysées 

 What is your manufacturing time?
We build our products on demand to be able to satisfy and finishing demands;
Depending on the size, it take from 2 weeks for small models to 6 weeks for the biggest one.

Is noble-wood finish more expensive than Painted MDF?
No. Noble wood is a much more expensive but also a huge time saving material compared to pained MDF finish. Therefor we've decided to offer both finishing at them at the same price.
We generally use beechwood and mahogany, a 20% pricing supplement will be charged for other species of wood.

Why can't I find your pricellist on the net?
To get our price list, just send us an email! klinger.favre@wanadoo.fr
High quality speakers are to be listened to, it is a non-sense to put a price beside a nice picture, you have to live the experience !
If you're far from France and have a nice headphone or an accurate Hi-fi system, then you may use these videos to realize how neutral our systems are:
D56 on Youtube
Studio 17 UT on Youtube
Studio 30 on Youtube

I want to know EVERYTHING! 
Then, send us an email! klinger.favre@wanadoo.fr