High precision cables

Cables have a dramatic influence on the sound result of a hi-fi system.
Cables are to be considered as a whole, rather than just as a costumizing prop.

The line of high precision cables is the result of rigorous studies on the composing elements and on their impact onto the subjective musical domain.
Accurate researches in the technology of isolating materials, random contacts within the wires, of capilarity phenomens, magnetic fields interferences and loudspeaker parasites, lead us to develop this cable line.

- Neutrality
- Amazing sound spacialization
- No agressivity
- Very fine timber
- Absolute focus
- Natural articulation and fluidity
- Unusual silence quality
- Ultimate transparency

RCA, XLR or mixed modulation cables are available.

The plugs have been chosen for their exceptionnal musical qualities: RCA Bullet, Multicontact banana plugs.

Loudspeakers cables are designed to be easily modulated from a bi-wiring into a mono-wiring by using embedable plugs.

Exterior isolating shield is made out of a single metalic ribbon that constitutes a hermetic shield against interferences. It also has a protection purpose against accidental crushing.

Length: on demand