You love music and sound more than anything else
You appreciate beautiful objects, craftsmanship, noble materials?

Planned obsolescence makes you nauseous?
You've just found in Klinger Favre a company that feels the same as you.

Our research? A perfect sound fidelity.

Built to last, with French and European materials, our speakers and all the electronic are developed in an Eco Friendly manner.
Resulting from over 40 years of research & Development, our "modules" of electronic components insure an easy maintenance, and constant technology update.
Our cabinetries are made of real wood in our wood-workshop. The finishing is a non COV( je sais pas ce que COV stands for)  paint for the colors and our natural wood spray is an organic Scandinavian oil based finish

When one chooses its sound system, it has to be heard: make an appointment and come visit us! 
Saint-Dié des Vosges is located 3 hours east of Paris by high speed train (TGV) , and 1 hour from the international airport of Strasbourg , France

Please contact us for more information!