Loudspeaker STUDIO 30

Studio 30 is THE ultimate working equipment for studio monitoring;
power, articulation and terrific accuracy.
We've been designing this loudspeaker considering the responsability of the loudspeaker that is being used in recording and mastering (whose eventual imperfections would be unusefully overcorrected or whose imprecision would drown or hide evident mix flaw.)
Therefore, we've reached a top in matter of precision and balance;
from the finest trebble details, to the most precise bass and telluric sub bass, nothing gets lost.
So...from the intimate ambiances to the actions movies sound track, Studio30 takes on all challenges.

As its performance can fully be appreciated in bigger spaces (minimum around 20m²),
they are the best choice to equip large studios and cinema rooms.

klinger favre studio30 speakers

Among Studio 30 users:
Orion Productions recording studio
ACTIS Mastering Studio
"Le Monde" newspaper headquarters Cinema- Paris

Technical data STUDIO 30

W 43 x D 60 x H 110cm(witout stand) or H 168cm (with stand)
Total weight of the 4 elements: 200Kg

Admissible power 500 Watts
Sensitivity 100dB/2,8v/1m
Impedance 4 Ohms

Appolito 2 ways speaker
2 paper membrane boomers 30cm, 50 mm coil
vented below spider, M shaped suspension
1 inch driving and solid cast resin horm (specific KF design)
Bass Reflex system, vent on the back of the enclosure
Stark and heavy 30mm thick enclosure

Steady steel base, standard height 50cm et 75cm (other height on demand)
Laminated natural wood finish or satin color painting finish