AMPLIFIER "Précision Studio"

Klinger Favre Amplificateur
Klinger Favre Amplificateur

The "Précision studio" amplifier has been mentioned and choosen as a golden diapason 2005 for its extraordinary musical qualities.
The restitution is blowing; Striking realism.
Finest details appear to create a confusingly real stereo image and give a real "live" feeling. In classical recording, all the concert hall features become recognizable. You really get s sense of depth in space; even the most remote sounds can be distinguished, all the tones are held until their very end, until silence.
The delicate medium , the bubtle trebble and the strenght of bass are more than a thrill!
The stabilised power that makes the amplifier independant from any tension variation enables the tiniest sounds not to be covered by the strong ones.
The technological knowledge becomes the best servant for music lovers.


Power 2 x 40W/ 4 and 8 Ohms
Input sensibility: 0,775 V RMS
RCA input asymetric connectors.
Eight high currents Sanken outputs bipolar transistors.
Current and voltage regulators for each channel.
The dual mono configuration contributes to create focus, space and depth.
Large main supply possibility from 180 to 250 V, 50 to 60 Hz.
Individual bypass film capacitors for each transistor.
Double ultra soft recovery bridge rectifier.
Wide frequency response voluntarily limitated to 50Khz
High resolution internal wiring.
Custom made torroïdal transformers.
No output relay
Class B biais
Volume control
Two line input (enable in most cases to skip the use of a preamp)
All unnecessary components banished from the signal path
Plug in modules for quick maintenance and upgrade when technology evolves
70µm thickness printed circuit board use for amplifiers modules
Absolute minimum of internal wiring
H 20 cm x D 40 cm x W 45 cm
Weight 25Kg
Floating boards system to prevent from parasite noisy vibrations.